Why Corporate Wellness is Essential for Your Company Growth.

Science confirms that 70 % of the time we are exposed to stress on a daily basis and living in constant stress means living in survival mode.

Stress causes a damage to the cellular and nervous system especially limbic system (emotions and stress release), it reduces the size of the hippocampus responsible for memory.

Amygdala which sends signals to adrenal glands becomes hyperactive causing a constant presence of stress hormones in our body.

Stress contributes to decreased motivation and work performance, high error rate, poor quality of work, anxiety and depression.

Business success depends on a great product, reliable services, employee engagement and motivation.

Lack of productivity and engagement of employees cost the companies roughly $1 trillion annually only in the USA.

Statistics show when employees are motivated and engaged it brings 2.5 times more income growth to the business.

Corporate Wellness Training for Repair and Relaxation

1) You and Your Employees Will Learn How to break the loop of stress release and how to shift your mind and body from survival to relaxation mode.

2) You and Your Employees Will Learn Ancient breathing techniques which repair your nervous and cellular system and dissolve stress hormones.

3) You and Your Employees Will Learn Basics of neuroscience and find out lots of useful information like:

How your brain works, why do we make certain decisions or why do we have the same repetitive, mostly negative thoughts.

4) You and Your Employees Will Learn The Best Relaxation techniques and how to reprogram your mind and body for relaxation instead of stress.

5) You and Your Employees Will Find Out Untold Truth about depression and mental perception disorders caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle, poor choices, pollution and other factors.

6) You and Your Employees You Will Learn Innovative relaxation technique “RELAX AND REPAIR ™” and how to eliminate stress immediately after you release it.

Corporate Wellness Training For Reprogramming Subconsciousness for Success and High Performance

95 % of our mind is subconsciousness, all decisions and emotions come from the subconscious mind.

1) You and Your Employees Will Learn How to stop negative thoughts and negative self talk.

2) You and Your Employees Will Learn How to reprogram your mind for success and high performance.

3)You and Your Employees Will Learn How to change the way you perceive reality, environment and colleagues.

4) You and Your Employees Will Learn Basics of Mindfulness and Meditation.

5) You and Your Employees Will Learn the Difference between being optimistic and living in denial and being positive and making an impact on your presence and the future.

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