I am a former lawyer holding a degree in Law and Business Administration.

 I started my entrepreneurial journey over a 10 years ago in Dubai with a Property Law Advisory and Branding Company.

 Long working hours and stress had become some of the factors contributing to developing Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Insomnia.

 I had decided to completely transform my life and I traveled around the world to find Ancient Wisdom of Breathing, Meditation, Hypnotherapy and study Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Biology. I have lived in Dubai, LA, Sydney, India, Nepal and Bali.

Clinical Hypnotherapist – Hawaii and California, USA

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist – Pennsylvania, USA

Certified Meditation Teacher -Rishikesh, India

Certified Pranayama Teacher– Rishikesh, India

Clinical Nutritionist – Kathmandu, Nepal

Neuromarketing Expert and Corporate Wellness Coach

There are 600 million people worldwide suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and this number is growing each year.

I committed the last few years to find a cause and the best available solution for these major disorders.

A result of my research and work is Innovative Program “REVERSE REWIRE REPAIR ™ ” to Reverse Depression Including Epigenetic Level which is a blend of latest discoveries in neuroscience, biology, quantum physics, hypnosis, ancient breathing techniques and unique diet.

My other programs are : You Can Reverse Anxiety, You Can Reverse Panic Attacks, You Can Rewire Addicted Brain, You Can Repair Immune System, You Can Reverse Aging.

I cured my Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Insomnia and I dedicated my life to help people to reverse the damage on the physical and emotional level.

I claim that depression is not a mental illness but physical (with possible emotional trauma), mental is only perception.

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